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First Nation Administration Offices are the heart of every community. You work hard to create opportunities for the future. You lead in community progress, and you give voice to shared community values like caring, compassion, justice, responsibility and trust. Ultimately, you strive to improve the quality of life for all Band Members.

Pebbles & Twiggs are here to help you support your Members. We provide customized HR Consulting services for First Nation communities and organizations across Ontario. We’re here to help you resolve your “people” issues with simple, straightforward advice. No fancy terms and jargon, just plain language!

We make HR simple because it should be! We’re not just another HR consultant – we aren’t stuffy or corporate either, we’re HR specialists who use plain language and will tell it like it is.

We know that HR often seems unimportant and at times will take a back seat in your organization, but managing people and managing them well can often be the difference between having a strong, healthy organization or one that needs constant “fixing”. You have important work to do – your entire First Nation is relying on you. Band-Aid solutions are not going to help you in the long run – it’s not enough to temporarily “fix” a problem or issue – they cost too much to keep “fixing” – your success will be dependent on eliminating the cause of your issues and problems – creating lasting change – creating healthy environments that your People can work and live in.

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