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First Nation HR Specialists


Definition “Fit Out“:  Being who you are even when people insist that you have to change. “Fitting out” means taking up space and not apologizing for yourself, and not agreeing with those who want to label you with their stereotypes.



Ann Brascoupe

Owner & HR Specialist

“Unless someone like you cares an awful lot, Nothing’s going to get better—it’s not!” – Dr. Seuss

Pebbles & Twiggs was created with a vision to do things differently!

Ann, a member of Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg, founded Pebbles & Twiggs to help First Nation communities build a healthy organization so they can prepare for and build their future! She is a dedicated senior human resource specialist with over 17 years of experience and is a member in good standing of the Human Resources Association of Ontario.

She believes people can make a difference in the world by enjoying the things they already love to do – like helping people! Working with, and supporting our People in a respectful way is the foundation of her business.

It’s time that every First Nation in Ontario has access to quality HR supports. For First Nations that means having someone to help build strong HR foundations so staff, and community members are happy, engaged and productive. It also means peace of mind and confidence knowing that this work will:

  • CHANGE the future of our People by building capacity and investing in their wellbeing – inspiring staff to be innovative, creative and to live and work their passions!
  • CREATE an exceptional HR foundation that will provide staff with a healthy environment in which to work and grow!

Her culture has inspired her to do her best, to provide high-quality HR expertise, and to see every client as a teacher. She recognizes how fortunate she is to have people welcome her into their communities, to share their stories and traditions, and to help them build better places in which to work and live. These are experiences that will last her a lifetime.

Ann takes great pride in providing her service in a personable way, in developing unique relationships with each of her clients. She strongly believes in integrity, accountability, collaboration, curiosity and living authentically and above all not to OVER COMPLICATE THINGS!

Daniel Stargratt

Education + Curriculum Associate

Daniel brings a passion for teaching and learning, dedicating his twenty years of experience working towards building learning environments and curriculums that are inclusive of our countries Indigenous students. His experience in Indigenous culture, educational and community development issues was developed at a grass roots level while working as a teacher, principal and administrator within Ontario’s remote Northern Communities over the last twenty years.

Daniel enjoys working with First Nation communities and organizations in reviewing, designing and facilitating curriculum that will support, sustain and improve educational outcomes for Indigenous students. Over his career he has gained a high level of knowledge and extensive experience in educational project coordination and leadership, teaching and supervising educators, resource development, facilitating teacher leadership, and developing effective curriculum design.

Daniel’s work is informed by his extensive experience and advanced education – he holds both a Bachelor and Master of Education, and is currently a PhD candidate in Education. He is currently a principal at a Northern Ontario elementary school and is a sessional lecturer in the Aboriginal Education Program at Queens University.

Janelle Desrosiers

Creative Associate


Janelle brings a collaborative and compassionate touch to our creative services. Her personal and in-depth approach reflects her values of relationship building, community spirit and positive impact. Along with over a decade of experience in visual and new media, Janelle’s extensive project management experience includes design, restructuring and adaptation for various levels of both the private and public sectors.

As Creative Associate, Janelle believes that our client’s vision and involvement are integral to the success of our projects. With her impressive ability to capture and refine your vision, Janelle develops effective design materials to help you create meaningful connections, increase awareness and encourage engagement.

Lindsay Sarazin

Multi Media Associate


Lindsay, a member of the Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation, is a full-time multi-disciplinary artist who has been in involved in multiple projects involving film, television, video, and photography. He is a graduate of the Class of 2011 for the Broadcasting: Television and Video Productions program at Canadore College, and has since created Wolf Eye Productions.

Lindsay enjoys his working in his field, creating imagery and most of all, meeting new people and having great experiences along the way.



Seamus (aka Shammie)

CBE (Chief Bark Executive)

Seamus is a Sheepadoodle (Old English Sheepdog and Standard Poodle) with extensive office and HR experience . He is affectionately known around the office as “Doodlehead”! He’s particularly skilled in the art of doing whatever he likes, and not listening to a word anyone says.

When not providing therapeutic HR cuddles, Seamus enjoys nothing more than rolling around on his back having his belly scratched, carrying (and at times eating) socks and digging holes in the backyard.

His training is coming along splendidly. Not!



Pebbles & Twiggs Mascot

I have always loved turtles. I love the way they move slowly through life – enjoying being in the moment – living their long lives with patience and purpose – observing, waiting, trusting – so sensitively tuned into their environment. I love their transient nature, their ability to live both on land and in the water, and the way they carry their homes around with them on their backs – pulling themselves inward for safety whenever they sense danger or when they feel overwhelmed by their environment. I believe that, because of their longevity and their primeval existence, they carry within them a very special and ancient wisdom.

I also love that our culture reveres the Turtle – it being a symbol of the Primal Mother – nurturing, compassionate, gentle, kind, caring, and wise. She has a slow metabolism and moves through her life slowly but purposefully. She also has excellent hearing – listening intently and carrying a heightened awareness – sensitively attuned to all the vibrations that travel through her watery world.

It is for these reasons plus many more, that it was important I have this gentle, wise and ancient creature represent my company.

Each time I help an organization, I offer it in a nurturing, gentle, kind, compassionate, caring, and intuitive way… and I hope with wisdom.

Turtles move slowly but they also hear very well, sense the vibrations around them, and are always aware of where they are. And so, like the Turtle, I listen to my clients – offering them my full and undivided attention, always being sensitive and compassionate to their needs.

And really……who doesn’t love turtles!

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