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Organizations recognize the importance of staff recruitment. What is most times overlooked is the other end of the employee lifecycle – letting people go. There are many processes that need to be considered prior to an employee dismissal –legalities need to be carefully reviewed and considered, communication to the employee and remaining staff drafted and impacts and risks to the organization, community and the individual considered.

When an employee leaves an organization the exit process can be difficult and at times complex regardless of the reason for leaving. As emotions for all involved can run high it is important to have an employee transition plan in place prior to the process occurring.

There are many ways in which an employee can depart an organization – voluntary due to a new opportunity, retirement, or involuntary. Each has different requirements – some legislated, others courtesy. It is important for an employer to understand the process for each and to minimize their risk where possible.

Pebbles & Twiggs offers sound advice and a customized comprehensive organizational support plan that covers all areas of dismissal management, from advice on key decisions, support with the logistics of the event, to managing the emotional aspects of the exit.

We understand that the leaving process can be difficult for both the employee and employer and we want to help all involved move forward in a positive manner. At Pebbles & Twiggs we are committed to handling all employee transitions in a professional manner whether voluntary or involuntary. Contact us today for personable one on one service.

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