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Finding great people that fit well with your organization is crucial to forming and building a great workplace!

Many organizational personnel issues can be traced directly back to poor recruitment and hiring decisions. In other words, “the wrong people in the wrong job”. The cost and trouble of fixing a “wrong” hire can be considerable. Recent studies (Harvard Business Review, HRPAO, Ministry of Labour) have demonstrated that the cost of hiring the wrong person for your position could cost you upwards 30% of their annual salary.

The “REAL” cost of a bad hire also includes all the “behind the scenes costs”:

  • Low productivity
  • Low employee morale
  • Additional supervision
  • Damage to client relationships
  • Missed business opportunities
  • Cost of recruiting
  • Time to train the hire
  • Compensation to the person while employed
  • Potential legal costs

Pebbles & Twiggs will work alongside you to make the right choices. You tell us exactly what your organization needs and requires and we’ll ensure you find the right candidates to interview! We can also support you by reviewing and improving your existing Recruitment and Selection practices.

We understand that hiring takes time and money and we want to help you get it right the first time!

At Pebbles & Twiggs we’re committed to finding great people who fit with your culture. Contact us today so we can help you build the best possible team!

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