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Do you have questions about our processes or HR management in general? Please browse our frequently asked questions below! Please get in touch if you need more information.

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We work flexibly to meet the HR requirements of your organization. This may mean working on specific projects, or working as part of your team with a set number of hours per week spent on HR matters.

HR support can be provided regardless of your location. Our business is serving you – we offer a range of flexible communication options – email, phone, text, Skype, teleconference and in-person. Let’s connect!

We work both onsite and offsite, depending on the project and what your preferences are.

Yes you will have one person who works with you – they will also be your primary source of contact.

Most organizations often cannot afford a full-time HR professional.  Using Pebbles & Twiggs allows you to change your level of support dependent on your current HR needs. This is both practical and cost effective.

Yes, we provide advice and assistance throughout the process.

Dependent on the project, we charge either at a fixed price, daily rate or an hourly rate.

We also offer an HR OnCall service that gives you 24/7 access by phone, email or text to an HR specialist. This fixed monthly rate is determined by the size of your organization.

We often see HR fall under another function within smaller organizations. I always say, you wouldn’t have HR do your accounting, so why would accounting do your HR, but I get why. Resources can be limited.

The person handling your HR should have an HR background, education and experience, and also actively engage in continuing education to ensure they are up to date on changes to provincial and federal laws.

Realistically, does your staff member have the experience, time or the interest to stay current in the HR profession while they perform their other responsibilities on a daily basis?

Having an experienced HR specialist to assist you with employee engagement, performance, legal compliance, terminations etc…will only benefit you. Having an under qualified person managing your HR can result in serious legal and financial liabilities if something goes wrong – inexperience will open your organization up to lawsuits and legal issues. Experienced HR Specialists have specialized knowledge in employment law, health and safety legislation, human rights, discrimination, compensation, coaching as well as other areas of HR and business that support employee and organizational well being.

HR specialists understand the latest legislation and will keep you on the right side of the law as well as helping you to help create healthy places in which to work and live.

HR is more than just hiring, payroll, benefits. It’s the full employment cycle and helping you get the most out of your largest administrative expense – your people.

Is this your story?

You wear many hats. Your band members need your attention, the finance person needs your invoices and receipts, and your employees need EVERYTHING. As a leader you’re supposed to be creating economic initiatives that engage and build upon the existing strengths of your members and communities. More importantly the work that you undertake now will have a significant impact on future generations and their ability to meet their own needs and enhance their well-being.

This work is hard to accomplish when your always worrying about whether or not you have in place what is needed for compliance and the wellness and safety of your staff.  Most organizations without HR support spend over half of their time handling human resource challenges and worrying about HR documentation, compliance with HR laws, legal issues stemming from HR issues, and recruitment.

HR specialists will quickly assess and support you with expert advice and solutions. We help you to manage your employee issues, find you new hires, and handle your delicate legal issues. We also set up your HR structure THE RIGHT WAY so you aren’t spending countless hours researching “how to” websites and books for forms, policies and ways to handle performance, compensation, team building, training & development, coaching, employee engagement etc.

We can also support you proactively with the “legal entities” that tend to “show up” unexpectedly onsite to audit you – you know those “fun” audits by the Ontario Ministry of Labour wanting to see your health and safety programs, your documents for compliance with employment standards, and your compliance with new accessibility laws?  The fines that can result from these “fun” little visits can be significant and your organization can end up in an ongoing administrative nightmare trying to play “catch up”.

HR is much more than payroll and benefits. HR will serve your organization’s interest by analyzing and sharing data, building skills, and developing leaders. HR will support you with hiring, evaluating performance, determining compensation, and releasing under performers and most importantly HR will advise you on how staff can work together to eliminate unhealthy “silos”.

HR will help you “rise above the noise” and build an organization where your people will be inspired to do their best work!

Awareness of, and sensitivity towards our culture is important. As attitudes change so does our terminology. There are “for’s” and “against’s” for all terms used, and there seems to be no consensus on the “one” term that we all can agree on, and there probably never will be. Popular media/political entities/cultural associations have recently advised us that the newest “proper” term is Indigenous.

Instead of being “for” or “against” a certain term I think the more interesting conversation is why do we need a single term for all of us? I never chose to be identified by this new term. Who benefits and who losses out from having one? Who should get to decide, and how would we go about making such a decision? How long is such a decision valid for? 2 years? 5 years? 50 years? 100 years?

I don’t have the answers for all these questions, but I believe this is where the conversation needs to shift if we are to get anywhere meaningful. The choice of wording by me is not intended to offend, discriminate or insult. I understand that I will not be immune to criticism from those who disagree. That’s ok. For me the choice of wording is based on the best information I have, and truthfully it’s a term that I simply use to identify the people that I work with. I am proud of my history as one of Canada’s First People – no one will take away that pride regardless of what they call me. Let’s be clear, your identity is defined by you and no one else.

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