HR is more than just hiring, payroll, benefits. It’s the full employment cycle and helping you get the most out of your largest administrative expense – your people.

Is this your story?

You wear many hats. Your band members need your attention, the finance person needs your invoices and receipts, and your employees need EVERYTHING. As a leader you’re supposed to be creating economic initiatives that engage and build upon the existing strengths of your members and communities. More importantly the work that you undertake now will have a significant impact on future generations and their ability to meet their own needs and enhance their well-being.

This work is hard to accomplish when your always worrying about whether or not you have in place what is needed for compliance and the wellness and safety of your staff.  Most organizations without HR support spend over half of their time handling human resource challenges and worrying about HR documentation, compliance with HR laws, legal issues stemming from HR issues, and recruitment.

HR specialists will quickly assess and support you with expert advice and solutions. We help you to manage your employee issues, find you new hires, and handle your delicate legal issues. We also set up your HR structure THE RIGHT WAY so you aren’t spending countless hours researching “how to” websites and books for forms, policies and ways to handle performance, compensation, team building, training & development, coaching, employee engagement etc.

We can also support you proactively with the “legal entities” that tend to “show up” unexpectedly onsite to audit you – you know those “fun” audits by the Ontario Ministry of Labour wanting to see your health and safety programs, your documents for compliance with employment standards, and your compliance with new accessibility laws?  The fines that can result from these “fun” little visits can be significant and your organization can end up in an ongoing administrative nightmare trying to play “catch up”.

HR is much more than payroll and benefits. HR will serve your organization’s interest by analyzing and sharing data, building skills, and developing leaders. HR will support you with hiring, evaluating performance, determining compensation, and releasing under performers and most importantly HR will advise you on how staff can work together to eliminate unhealthy “silos”.

HR will help you “rise above the noise” and build an organization where your people will be inspired to do their best work!