We often see HR fall under another function within smaller organizations. I always say, you wouldn’t have HR do your accounting, so why would accounting do your HR, but I get why. Resources can be limited.

The person handling your HR should have an HR background, education and experience, and also actively engage in continuing education to ensure they are up to date on changes to provincial and federal laws.

Realistically, does your staff member have the experience, time or the interest to stay current in the HR profession while they perform their other responsibilities on a daily basis?

Having an experienced HR specialist to assist you with employee engagement, performance, legal compliance, terminations etc…will only benefit you. Having an under qualified person managing your HR can result in serious legal and financial liabilities if something goes wrong – inexperience will open your organization up to lawsuits and legal issues. Experienced HR Specialists have specialized knowledge in employment law, health and safety legislation, human rights, discrimination, compensation, coaching as well as other areas of HR and business that support employee and organizational well being.

HR specialists understand the latest legislation and will keep you on the right side of the law as well as helping you to help create healthy places in which to work and live.