Welcome to Pebbles & Twiggs

We’re not your “typical” HR Consultant!


Forget traditional HR, Pebbles & Twiggs offers Aboriginal communities and organizations a large range of no-nonsense HR solutions that are rooted in reality! We help you to break free of the stuffy, over-complex typical way of handling HR problems. Bottom line, we help grow organizations from the inside out. Providing fresh, innovative perspectives and delivering creative solutions that will make a difference!

MANAGING YOUR STAFF CAN BE TOUGH but it doesn’t have to be! Not all organizations have the resources, time or expertise to meet their HR needs…that’s where we can help! We offer you a range of customized HR services and solutions that will minimize your risk and help you to develop your most important asset – your people!

LIFE’S TOO SHORT FOR HR PROBLEMS! Whether you need an extra set of “HR” hands to get through a demanding period, expertise in a specialist area of HR, or support on a new HR initiative or recruitment project, we can help you! With 17+ years of HR experience combined with an in-depth knowledge of First Nation culture you can ensure that you are choosing a partner who will work with you and your staff to deliver the solutions and support that you need!

WE’D LOVE TO HELP YOU GET YOUR HR ‘STUFF’ SORTED! Give us a call or send us an email – together we can create an exceptional environment that provides your People a healthy place to work and live!

Our Commitment to You


  • To BUILD CAPABILITY AND CAPACITY through new ways of thinking about work and new employee skillsets.
  • To RESPECT AND ACKNOWLEDGE our culture and traditions – they show us the way to HR wellbeing.
  • To COLLABORATE AND SHARE – working hand in hand with you during our journey together.
  • To MAKE IT EASY to get answers to your HR questions when you need them! We’ll be there when you need us most – when you call, email, text you’ll receive a response ASAP 24/7.
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